How to use liquid frisket as a resist for card * grafix

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cut a 6 1/8 X 2 3/4 piece of ivory cardstock.

dip provided Dipstik into Liquid Frisket and begin to write sentiment onto front of ivory cardstock, much as you would using a nib and ink.

redip Dipstik as needed and work slowly, letting Liquid Frisket flow onto the page.

once sentiment has been added, add flowers in the corners.

you can use Dipstik to mold flower petals by gently tugging at outer ends.

once the sentiment and flowers have been added, set the piece aside to dry.

you will know when the Liquid Frisket is dry by looking to see that all portions have gone from opaque white to clear and shiny.

once the Liquid Frisket is completely dry, it is ready to act as a "resist" for the ink. place ivory piece in Color Catcher.

starting at left side, and begin spritzing using Pinkolicious Ink.

next, use Lemon Drop to fill center portion.

use Mermaid ink last to finish inking card.

ColorBox Dye Ink Spritzers are very concentrated, so don't overspray.

use a paper towel to gently dab at sentiment to remove ink that will puddle on it.

here's what the piece will look like once the excess ink has been removed from the Liquid Frisket.

place piece back in Color Catcher and spritz lightly using Pearl Rain.

the Pearl Rain adds a soft shimmer. let piece dry COMPLETELY before proceeding to next step.

use the Liquid Frisket Remover to remove the Mask from the cardstock.

your piece is now ready to be adhered to the card front.

cut a 7 X 7 piece of teal cardstock and fold in half to make card.

use a border punch to punch edges of a piece of black cardstock to fit on the card front. approximately 6 3/4 X 3 1/4.

adhere ivory cardstock to black cardstock.

the adhere assembled piece to card front.

add pearls to flower centers to finish card.

finished card.

thanks for viewing this Snapguide. i hope that you will try experimenting with Liquid Frisket from Grafix to see what ways you can utilize it in YOUR crafting projects.

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