How to make a fall wreath with graphic 45 lovely papers.

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You will need a 12x12 in cardboard, a 12x12 in black cardstock. You can do the circles using dishes!

Cut and glue on the black cardboard.

Cut excess of paper when the glue is totally dry, it will be easy to cut. Ink edges.

You will need to punch a lot of flowers, leaves and butterflies from different papers, also old book pages.

Sort out and ink old book leaves and flowers.

Choose your fav ribbons and cords.

Tie cords as shown at 12, 3, 6 and 9.

Place the jute ribbon to make a bow.

Put an orange ribbon below the one of jute.

Tie the bow and add a chipboard button.

Make flowers using several elements and a brad and glue on the wreath as you like.

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