How to sous vide lobster tails in the alto-shaam ctp oven

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Shell and de-vein lobster tails.

Create your flavoring-we melted butter and added vanilla bean for this particular infusion.

Lay lobster tails flat in the sous vide bag.

At this point, add in the flavoring to the sous vide bag.

Seal the lobster tails.

Adjust the bag to lay flat (if pulled too tight from the vacuum seal).

Place sous vide bag into a perforated pan. (Laying the bag directly on the rack will result in imprints to the product.)

Place pan into the CTP combi oven.

Steam 158F (70C) for 10 minutes.

Remove lobster tails from the oven.

Place directly into the Quickchiller (for later use) or remove from sous vide bag and serve.

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