How to make head cheese in an alto-shaam cook & hold oven

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Simmer the brine

Rince the pig head and trotters under running water

Brine for 3 days

Put meat into a stock pot and cover with water

Add poaching ingredients

Bring to a simmer and skim for 20 min.

Cook at 250F (121C) for 2.5 hrs and hold at 160F (71C) overnight.

It will look like this in the morning

Strain off the meat keeping the liquid

Reduce cooking liquid by 2/3 to a rich flavor

Pull meat from head and trotters. Clean tongue.

Line a terrine with plastic. Loosely pack meat into the terrine with slices of tongue.

Pour in the reduced cooking liquid then Cover and refrigerate.

When chilled unmold to slice

Ready to enjoy.

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