How to proof and bake cinnamon rolls with one program

Prepare sheet pan or muffin tin with food release spray.

Pan cinnamon rolls into pans. Wrap and refrigerate to thaw (overnight).

Place pans in Alto-Shaam CTP Combi and start Cinnamon Roll Proof/Bake Program. Step 1: Steam Mode 105F (40C), 20%Fan, 100% Humidity 30 Minutes

Cinnamon Rolls proofed

Step 2: Convection Mode 350F (177C), 60% Fan, 0% Humidity, 2 Minutes **This step is to remove excess humidity from oven.

Step 3: Convection Mode 350F (177C), 80% Fan, 100% Humidity, 10 Minutes in Turbo Energy Mode.

Cinnamon Rolls while baking.

Finished product all done with a push of a button.

Watch the video: Lets talk about Cinnamon Rolls

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