How to create a candle

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Get you're 1.75 empty coke bottle and cut it to the shape you like.

Get your plastic streamers.

And cut it to the length you would like.

So that you will have enough to cove you plastic bottle bottom with.

Used the hot glue gun to glue the plastic streamers onto the bottle bottom.

It should look like this. When finished.

Get you're wick.

And washers.

And cut the wick to the length you like.

Tie the wick onto the washer.

Then to make the wax put water into a pot and make sure it simmers

Get your wax and put it into a bowl.

Put your bowl on top of the pot (with simmering water).

Until it looks a little like this.

Pour you're wax into you're holder

Hold you wick upright until you're wax is hard.

Cut your wick again and then you're done!

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