How to draw a dragon/creature thing

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Start with a simple circle figure to show how your creature will be positioned

Draw two simple lines for its jaw

Draw a curved line for the creatures nostril area

Draw a slightly curved line for the snout

Any kind of eye shape works

All I added was the 'eyebrows'

I added a line to show the creatures long neck

I added details to the face and added the neck. The neck can be a variety of sizes

Add the top of the shoulder and part of the wing

Draw a curvy line as the top of the wing

Now start on the front legs

I like to draw circles were I will be placing the claws later on

Now start the hind legs

Here I started the claws

Optional: add a claw to the tip of the wing

Add a paler version of the same wing but slightly smaller and to the side of it

I started the tail (I sort of fixed it later on because I didn't like the look)

Now add whatever details you want

This is the finished product :)

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