How to make isomalt jewels

Measure 1 cup of isomalt

Pour the isomalt in a non-stick pan. Place on stove on medium high heat. WATCH CAREFULLY! The isomalt will start to turn to liquid form

Once the isomalt turns to liquid remove from the heat (you should have already put together a piping bag made out of the parchment paper) pour the liquid into the piping bag & pipe out on silicone mat

Once you get the hang of it you can start piping out little drops of isomlat on your silicone mat to resemble jewels.

If you want to use a silicone mold pour the hot isomalt into your mold and wait a minute for it to cool

Once cooled remove from the mold.

Once you get the hang of it you can start to color and shape the isomalt as you like

Now you can decorate your cakes and cupcakes! (Remember although this is edible its only to be digested in small amounts)

Watch the video: How To Make Edible Diamonds

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