How to make a clipboard

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Grab a cereal box (or any cardboard will do)

Cut out a rough shape (I just cut off the front)

Using a ruler and pencil draw a box (this is the size of your clipboard)

Cut it out.

Cut the corners of so they are round.

Get some patterned paper.

Draw around the card on the paper.

Take off the card and you should be left with a shape like this.

Cut it out.

You will have 2 shapes of the same size.

Get some double sided tape.

Put the tape around the outside like so.

Stick it down.

Repeat the steps to the back of the card on a different piece of paper.

You should have this on the back.

Get some plain paper.

Draw a box using a ruler and pencil.

Cut it out.

Repeat until you have paper in squares (around 10 pieces of paper is alright)

Take a bulldog clip.

Attach it to the paper and the card like so.

Cut a bit of the card off so it's nice and even.

Now neaten up the corners and the card and you're done!

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