How to make homemade kefir

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Measure out 4 cups of milk. You may also use young coconut water or 2 cups of goat's milk

Add it to the pan

Heat 1 qt. of milk to skin temperature, or about 92 F.

Remove and open one foil package.

Add the entire contents of the package to your milk.

Stir thoroughly until dissolved.

Save 6 tablespoons from every batch to inoculate the next quart of milk, instead of using a new ferment package.

Pour the inoculated milk into a closable vessel and let it ferment at 72 to 75°F for 18 to 24 hours; or 36 to 48 hours for young coconut water. Avoid shaking or agitating the bottle during this time.

Your milk will thicken and become slightly clumpy; however young coconut water does not thicken. You will notice a milky white color, a distinct sour aroma, and the flavor will be tart and tangy.

Refrigerate after fermentation has taken place. The lactic acid produced by the bacteria has a preserving effect and the Kefir will last for about a week. - [email protected]

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