How to bake a cheesecake

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These are the supplies/materials you will be using to bake a cheesecake. All materials you will be using are listed. They don't have to be the exact brand I used & that is shown in the photo.

Before you start the baking, remember & make sure you wash your hands. Dry your hands after you have washed them also.

After you have finished washing & drying you're hands, you will then open all three cheeses so they warm up to room temperature.

Once the cheeses are cooled to room temperature, you put the three cheeses into the bowl to mix. You also crack the three eggs. Next you'll add the 1 tsp of vanilla & 1c of sugar.

You mix all the ingredients until everything is mixed into one, & until there is no chunk or piece of a specific ingredient.

Once you have mixed the ingredients completely, you will rub butter onto the cookie. Rub until the whole cookie is covered in butter. Do this to both plates of cookies.

Once you have smothered butter onto both plates of cookies, place them into the oven & heat for 10min.

Once the ten minutes are done, let it cool for 5 min. Once the 5 min are done, start to put in the mix evenly onto each cookie plate. Make sure both are distributed evenly.

Next pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.

Put in both cookie plates into oven. Leave in for 30-40min. Check by putting a fork into the cake, if it comes out clean it's ready. Wait 15min until it cools before putting in the fridge overnight.

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