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My magnet will be a bell shaped.

Draw it on the thick carton and cut out

Then move it to the paper

Cut out the bells of paper. Paint with Disress Stain the edge of the bell

Stick the paper bells to the carton

Prepare the pictures,which are cut out of paper sized 12x12

Put the ropes into the tag

Stick the tag on the thick carton with Mega Runner Xyron

Decorate it with pictures

Take sticky notes

Stick the stickers notes on the bell with Mega Runner by Xyron

Take magnet tape by Xyron

Stick this magnet tape from the other side

Decorate with flowers Petaloo

Magnet is ready

StNicholas 12x12 Pad,carton,Flowers Petaloo,XyronMega,Runner,Ribbon, Magnet tape Xyron

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