How to turn a gravy boat into a succulent planter

Today, we’re turning the beloved gravy boat into a succulent planter! This DIY is a great way to repurpose any gravy boat in your life. Use it as a Thanksgiving centerpiece or enjoy all year round.

Gather your supplies.

Gather your supplies.

Add paint strokes and let dry. At time point in the game, your gravy boat is no longer food-safe but is on it’s way to an exciting transformation.

Fill boat with soil and add succulents.

Add flowers in floral tubes.

Add to planter.

Add moss.

Add rocks. Pro tip: Rocks keep the plants from rotting.

All done! May your gravy boat runneth over. Cute card, right?

Let that gravy boat shine!

Ready for the feast!

Watch the video: How to re-ARRANGE Succulent bowl l Large succulent arrangement

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