How to 10 people in your life who deserve a rad gift

Giving back during the holidays is nothing new to us. But why not go the extra mile? We teamed up with JCPenney to give back to some folks who deserve the recognition, but may not expect it.

1. Your building’s security guard. It’s easy to forget, but security guards are basically bodyguards for your building. Thank the folks who make you feel safe with a thoughtful present.

2. The dude who always rings you up at the corner store. Because he always greets you with a smile, a how-are-you, and he never judges you for that 10am candy bar purchase ;)

3. The neighbors that always say hello. Because they help you feel a sense of community at home, and they’ve never complained about your barking dog… or those times you set off your car alarm :)

4. Your yoga instructor. Because she inspires zen and calmness on your busiest days, and you’ve totally mastered the chakrasana thanks to her.

5. Your bus driver. Chances are you see this guy most days a week, but you rarely speak to him. Next time you’re handing him a bus token, give him a token of your appreciation, too.

6. Your doctor. Why? Because she let you know that your Internet-induced hypochondria is silly talk and that mole on your arm is indeed a freckle, not cancer. What more reason could you need?

7. That former coworker who still likes all your Facebook photos. Remind her that just because you don’t see each other every day anymore doesn’t mean you don’t care about her.

8. Your dog walker. She takes care of your favorite furry friend, rain or shine. Anyone who makes your puppy happy has totally earned a thank you.

9. Your grocery store’s deli guy. Because he was happy to teach you the difference between tenderloin and sirloin cuts, and he encourages you to be adventurous in the kitchen.

10. Your boss. Because between all those tasks she asks you to take on, she truly cares about your happiness on the job. Thank the woman who fosters your career ambition day in and day out.

Gift on!

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