How to make homemade cough drops

To start the cough drops: about 1 cup honey. I suggest getting local honey; local honey helps with allergies

You will need a candy thermometer. But dont let that scare you off! Easy to use, and cheap to buy

Allow your thermometer to just touch honey (NOT bottom of pan) let this come to a boil and cook until 290-300°

Once that temperature is met, stir and let cool for just a few minutes

Next add your essential oils. I use young living thieves and lemon. 8-10 drops of thieves and 5-6 lemon

Once it looks like this, thick and difficult to stir, its ready to drop

On parchment or a silpat, drop circles with a baster or a spoon. I suggest using a candy mold. Candy mold is easiest but i make so often i just wing it

Keep dropping until you used all the honey

OR you make brittle. This is my preferred method bc its much easier all around. Spread honey on silpat and once cools, cut into bite size pieces

In a small dish, a little powdered sugar

Lightly toss in powdered sugar. The powdered sugar will help with the sticky

Dust off excess

If you want to wrap your cough drops, get some parchment or wax paper

Cut strips

Lay drop on ..

And wrap up :)

place in a jar or tin. Seal and store somewhere cool

And for the brittle..

I do the same thing! Its such a great gift idea especially with cold and flu season. Thieves is my go to!

And any left over sticky stuff left in pot..just add some water and boil. Comes right out. Would not hurt to drink..some thieves tea!

And that left over crackles from the brittle. See those little paw marks. Kids eat it all. Nothing goes to waste

Whenever I start to feel under the weather, a cold, cough or just want boost my immune system, this is my go to. Enjoy!

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