How to how miami vacation photos transformed our home

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We’ve got a serious color crush on Miami. Between the bright beaches, vivid ocean, bold art deco architecture, lush tropical plants + neon signs galore, vacationing there is a visual feast.

So why not bring these vibrant vibes back home? We’ve teamed up with Sherwin-Williams® to transform a blank canvas into a colorful home bar + lounge, inspired by the invigorating city. Check it out!

This renovation is all thanks to Sherwin-Williams® ColorSnap® Visualizer app that helps us create color palettes from our own photos.

The color-matching app captures colors from your surroundings and matches them to Sherwin-Williams paint colors, so we can paint our homes in shades directly taken from an image. Neat, huh?

Simply upload the photo of your choice, and ColorSnap Visualizer app will automatically create a color palette for you. You can then customize the palette by moving those color bubbles around.

We landed on the palette above, full of sea-inspired blues with punches of orange + brilliant magenta.

It sums up the tonal composition of Miami, which boasts vivid colors throughout the city by way of bold buildings and neon everywhere, with the turquoise sea as the stunning backdrop.

We brought this colorful framework of Miami into the space by painting the wall using the beach-inspired colors:

Aloe SW 6464, High Reflective White SW 7757 + Agua Fría SW 9053 and bringing in the brighter colors — Thermal Spring SW 6761, Exuberant Pink SW 6840, and Invigorate SW 6886 as showstopping as Miami :)

Scroll on for more photos of our new favorite place to hang!

That’s all it takes! Just like that, we turned our vacation into a staycation :) Cheers!

Creating your own color palettes with ColorSnap Visualizer app? We want to see the results! Share screenshots with us on Instagram using #britstagram so we can take a peek.

Make sure to check out the full post to see how how Miami vacation photos totally transformed our home:

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